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Missouri Holiday Decor Services

YES, we replace bulbs if needed. 
YES, we climb up and down the ladder. 
YES, we store your christmas lights
YES, we unpack/pack holiday decor
YES, you can sit back and relax!

Only commercial-grade holiday lights are installed on your property.


MO Pest's Holiday Division understands that first thing family and friends will notice while visiting this season is your lights. This is why we use the giant C7 incandescent holiday lights, the biggest and brightest available, in all standard installations. C7 incandescent christmas lights come in a wide variety of colors and can be custom patterned along your strand to your specifications. Light strands are cut to lenght on installations to create a seamless, professional look that is sure to impress your neighbors or customers. 

Other holiday lighting options are available as well:
  • Giant C7 and C9 Bulbs- these light strands are custom cut to fit the exact dimensions of your property.  Range of colors available: White, Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Teal, and Clear.  They can be set to flicker, chase, or simply stay beautifully glowing non-stop.
LED Christmas light installation- These lights have a slightly higher initial cost than traditional Christmas lights but will draw 90% less energy. Yes, that means the operating cost of these lights is ten cents on the dollar. LED bulbs stay cool to the touch and will last well over 220,000 hours. (NOTE: MO Pest installs "rectified" LED that are not available to the general public. "Rectified" LED bulbs flash at twice the speed as the LED bulbs found in most retail stores. The increased speed eliminates the flickering appearance when viewed from a moving vehicle or walking.)
• Wreaths and Garland- While christmas lights look beautiful when it's dark they don't do much to show your holiday sprit during the day. Lit wreaths and garland insure your home's holiday spirit shines brightly at any time of the day. We install everything from elegant door wreaths to oversized 20' wreaths mounted on the side of your home or business. Live wreaths and garland are available so that you can include the holiday scent into your holiday decorations.
• Inflatable Holiday Figures- Nothing says "I've got the holiday spirit!" like a giant inflatable decorations on your front lawn. There are a wide variety of choices to choose. Inflatables are a great addition to any holiday set-up no matter which size you choose. The best part of having MO Pest install your inflatable decorations is they are backed up by our 100% guarantee. This means that if anything happens to your inflatable, which means anything, we will repair or replace it within twenty-four hours.
 Live Music / Local FM- Ok by this point, we've covered a couple of our major senses for your holiday display but your holiday display can still be amped up another notch with christmas music. Your christmas lights can be set to 'dance' or alternate to music. The music can be broadcast in one or both of the following ways. We can install an outdoor speaker to broadcast holiday cheer to any passing by (we'll adjust it to ensure your neighbors aren't upset).  Or our customer favorite is to set up a low broadcast FM system. A mini yard sign will inform folks driving by to tune into your designated station to enjoy your holiday cheer in the warnth and comfort of their own vehicle. Combining both systems ensures maximum holiday cheer.
  • AND MANY, MANY MORE SERVICES...................

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